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It is not enough for art to be pretty. The incorporation of the terrible is what leavens beauty and brings an into transcendence.  These collages are made from whatever is most visually engaging – microscopic diatoms, fish and insects and animals, internal anatomy and moss and images from deep space, and classical portraits where the eyes follow you around. I especially love glitches. There is something extremely important about camera artifacts, the patterns of static, distortions through water. The universe creates accidental beauty through mistakes, and that seems like a good place to hunt the Divine.

These images are scientifically designed. The more Open your eyes are, and the longer you look at these images, the more they will open back and begin to move for you. I invite you to get into a deep headspace and stare. There is always more to see, and thank you for looking.


Brought to you by

Sylvian Terill Ketcham

From: Portland OR

- drink more green tea -